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It's been escalating for months. Planets seceding, Corellia in the forefront, opposing the firm rule of the Alliance.

(It all sounds very familiar, doesn't it? But these things go in cycles -- ka is a wheel -- and galaxies far far away are no different.)

When the Alliance took Tralus, one of the outer planets of the Corellian system, they sent a clear message to the Corellians: we will not stand for this. It was a display of power and authority, of how the Alliance was in the right and the Corellians were in the wrong.

(Have you ever met Han Solo? Corellian through and through, and being wrong has never stood in his way before. He's fighting back, now, fighting the Alliance he helped to build.)

(think of them as children and you inevitably forget how dangerous they can be)

Syal Antilles -- because that's who she is now, officially, though her non-Alliance documents still read Lysa Dunter -- is flying in this battle, the Battle of Corellia. And she's Corellian, too, but she's flying for the Alliance, and if she thinks about it, it breaks her heart to fire on other Corellians when she's not entirely certain she disagrees with them.

She doesn't think about it.

She flies, and her gunner behind her shoots, and she survives.

(Have you ever met Wedge Antilles? He's a Corellian, and he's a survivor, because that's what Corellians do -- they survive.)

But she doesn't just survive. She follows the Corellians closely, she fights them, she watches them. And a detached part of her mind figures out their plan, and she relays it, and she fights.

She loses.

(The Alliance loses. Corellia takes back Tralus. But does that mean Corellia wins?)

But she survives, which means she'll live to fight another day, and that's enough for her.

"In my experience, it doesn't take long for 'us' to become 'them'. And when that happens, every savagery becomes possible."

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