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Name:Syal Antilles
Syal's the oldest daughter of Wedge Antilles and Iella Wessiri; Corellian born and raised, though she's lived on Coruscant a while, too.

But to you, she's Lysa Dunter, native of Ralltiir, and just like every other ensign in the Galactic Alliance military.

(She flies a bit better than most, though.)

Her own father had told her, All through your flying life, you may have to face the fact that pilots who use the Force will be able to react more quickly, aim more accurately, get the better starfighters, get the greater fame. But those of us who can't use the Force -- well, when we manage to make it to the top of our profession, we can look the Jedi in the eye and remind ourselves that we got there without any crutches.
[LotF: Betrayal, by Aaron Allston]

disclaimer: Syal is most definitely not mine. She belongs to Lucasfilm and many authors, particularly Aaron Allston. This is just an RP journal -- no money being made here. (Kirsten Dunst, on the other hand, belongs to herself.)

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alephs, being named after someone, corellia, eta-5s, flying, galactic alliance, iella wessiri, kickass gunners, lysa dunter, myri antilles, pilots, ralltiir, snarky squadron leaders, starfighters, surviving, tralus, twees, vibrosword squadron, wedge antilles, zueb zan
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