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Syal wipes her eyes again quickly while her squadron leader isn't looking, then follows him into the interrogation room. Her helmet's in her locker and her blaster is in the possession of the senior officer who'd been in the hangar; the one who'd taken one look at her and sent her to the 'fresher before sending for her CO.

VibroSword Leader doesn't say a word at first, just points her to a plasteel chair on one side of a table. She sits -- and blinks at the unfamiliar woman sitting opposite.

She glances up expectantly, but Leader doesn't sit or answer her silent question. Instead, he leans on the desk beside the woman, stares at Syal, and eventually says, "What happened?"

Syal takes a deep breath, relieved to find herself not shaking, and answers. She explains how the mechanic in the hangar had approached her, bringing "greetings from home"; she explains how he'd tried to talk to her privately; she explained how he'd tried to convince her to work for the Corellians.

She stops, carefully, and takes another breath.


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