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"They're rounding up Corellians on Coruscant."

"Wait, are you serious?"

"As a thermal detonator."

"Better stay on ship next time we have leave, Syal!"

"Shut up, Sandi. Fab, tell me you're joking."

"Wish I could. It's Jacen Solo and his not-so-secret police. Locking them up or deporting them."

"No way. Jacen Solo?"

"Yeah. Ironic, huh? Han Solo's son against Corellians. Bet his dad likes that. Bet your dad likes that."

"Sucker's bet. So we are talking about the same Jacen Solo? I knew him when I was little, y'know."

"No kidding?"

"Yeah. He had a lot of pets. Any animal that lived on Coruscant, he had one."

"So he's adding to his collection!"

"Shut up, Sandi."

"She's got a point. He's got Skywalker's kid following him like a little lost nek, too, according to the news."

"Oh, no. Little Ben?"

"Don't tel me you knew him, too."

"He was a little kid. Myri and I tried to teach him to swear in Old Corellian. Now he's locking us up, too?"

"Careful with that pronoun. You're from Ralltiir, remember? But yeah, looks like."

"I don't understand Jedi."

"I don't think Jedi understand Jedi."

"Oh, that's deep, Fabian. That's deep."

"Hey, I can be real deep when I want to be."

"Oh, ew. I'll leave you two alone, now."


"I didn't mean -- you're laughing at me!"

"That's right, flyboy. C'mon, she's probably gone for dinner. Let's join her."

"Yeah. Y'know, when I can see Corellia from my viewport, there should really be better food than freeze-dried everything."

"Maybe if you say that a little louder, Solo'll lock you up as a Corellian sympathiser."

"Instead of just for dating a Corellian?"

"Hey, I'm from Ralltiir."

"I bet that's what you tell all the boys..."


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